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Sea Dog Inn is staffed with people who love animals, and love caring for them. Each is trained to monitor every animal to ensure they are comfortable and adapting to the kennel environment. Special attention is given to the pets that seem to be stressed by the temporary absence of the owners.  Dogs are individually exercised 3 times a day in fenced play yards while their suites are cleaned and fresh water provided. These periods allow the dogs to play and burn off some energy and relieve any boredom.  For owners that want their pet to have even more stimulation, additional playtimes are available.

For pets that do not need an overnight stay, day boarding is available at 50% off the overnight rates. No group play periods are included.

Everything at the Sea Dog Inn is designed to make the pet and their owner as comfortable as possible during the temporary separation.  It can be as stressful for the owner as it is for the pet.  We do our best to ensure the owner can leave the pet in our care and not worry.  The reward comes when the owner returns to pick up the pet.  The reunions in the lobby are joyous occasions.  We feel we have done our job when the pet leaves happy and the owner is satisfied.

We strive to offer the widest variety of services and activities to ensure the satisfaction of the pet and the owner.

In addition to dog boarding, cat boarding, and even exotics boarding, we offer grooming services.  See what our customers have shared with us: 

Dog Check-in area

Comments We Have Received from Customers

​Great svc from making the reservation, to picking up the crazies after a week stay. Thanks for taking such good care of our dogs!

I always recommend Sea Dog Inn to my real estate clients.

Sea Dog Inn is awesome! I travel a lot for work and this is the only place I will take my 2 dogs.

We trust them with our little pup completely. Sea Dog Inn is a great place for grooming and boarding.

My dogs favorite place to stay. She never stresses out when she stays at Sea Dog Inn and has a great time with the staff.

This place is wonderful. I have a seven year old lab who is like a son to me....he loves this place. I have no doubt he is cared for very well as evident by how much he likes the staff. Perfect place to board your pet. Very reasonable prices.

I couldn't be happier with our experience and found the rates to be way more affordable then most. I won't hesitate to use them again.

Great spot for your pets to vacation. I have 3 dogs. They love coming here. Always treated with love.

You can tell when you first walk in how much they truly love animals! My son takes his 3 dogs there also!! We love Sea Dog Inn and the friendly people that run it!

We have been using Sea Dog Inn since 2007. We would not consider any other kennel.  We highly recommend Sea Dog Inn.

I always feel good about leaving my pets here. The staff is wonderful.   I have boarded many dogs, a cat, and 2 ferrets. Anytime I stopped in unannounced to check on them they were always fine. Highly recommended.

My dogs love Sea Dog Inn.  The staff is awesome and very loving to the pets.  Not too fancy, just great care!

If you're looking for a groomer I highly recommend Sea Dog! It's a place you can trust to love and treat your pet how you would want them to be treated.

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