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At Sea Dog Inn we take great pride in our outstanding facilities and

in the loving care our canine guests receive ever day. 

 Boarding Rates Effective Feb 5, 2024

       0 - 30  Lbs  $33.00                            
       31- 60 Lbs  $35.00                           
       60+     Lbs  $37.00 

 Special Meal Prep   $5.00
 Injections                 $5.00

We have boarded pit bull breeds for over 30 years and still have many existing customers with this breed in the bloodline.  Due to recent experiences with new customers with pits we are asking that we do a meet and greet with your dog before booking a reservation.  Let the dog visit the facility and our dedicated staff to ensure the experience will be a pleasant event for both.  Most do very well but some just get too stressed and there is no need to let your dog have a bad experience.  Call and speak to the manager about coming by for a tour Monday thru Friday between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM and even a free day care day so your dog will get a chance to experience a boarding environment.  If all goes well we would be delighted to serve your boarding needs.

Options for accomodations:

Indoor/outdoor Suites:  This is our climate controlled indoor/outdoor building.  Suites range from 4 x 10 feet to 6 x 10 feet inside with a dog door offering access to an equally spacious outdoor area.  Because concrete is the only really cleanable surface, our dog suites have all concrete floors inside and out.  To give your dog a sense of security from his next-door neighbor and to protect his health, each suite is separated from the next by a solid concrete wall, inside and out.  In addition, each outside area is fully protected from the rain and sun with a roof.

new bldg.jpg

All indoor Suites:  If your preference is for an all indoor climate controlled environment we have a building just for your pet.  Run sizes vary so there is one just the right size no matter how large are small your dog is.

Excercise Periods:  Each dog is taken outside 2 times daily while their suites are cleaned.  They are permitted to romp and play off leash in our secure fenced exercise areas, on an individual basis.  These 10-15 minute periods are important to allow the dog to burn off some energy and eliminate boredom.  For dogs that need just a little more stimulation, we offer additional playtimes for $5.00 per session. 

Room Service: Suites are cleaned twice daily.  We feed Iams premium products on the frequency your dog is accustomed to.  If you prefer, you can bring your dogs regular food.  Medications are administered free of charge.  Once-daily medications are given with the morning meal unless otherwise requested; other medications are given as directed.  Injections do require an extra fee  Fresh water is available at all times.

Check-out:  Check-out time is 1:00pm. Pets picked up after 1:00pm will be charged 1/2 day boarding unless bathed or groomed.

Immunizations:  We require proof of immunization for Rabies/DHLP and Parvo.  We also require proof within one year of a Bordatella/Parainfluenze vaccine to provide protection against "kennel cough" caused by airborne viruses.  The vaccines are highly effective but not 100%.  Please consult your veterinarian.

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