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The sunny, private living room setting makes your kitty feel right at home.  We have several suite sizes available.  All suites have a resting platform and most have portholes which allow the unit to be enlarged for multiple cat families or for that cat who likes a lot of room.  The luxury suites seen in the corner come equipped with special furniture and a bay window so your cat can enjoy the view outside.

Room Service:  Suites are cleaned daily and fresh kitty litter provided.  We feed Iams premium products on the frequency your cat is accustomed to.  You can bring your cat's regular food if you prefer.  


Each cat is permitted to play or explore in this private room while their suite is being cleaned. 


Additional playtimes are available for that extra special kitty.

Boarding Rates (Effective Feb 5, 2024)

      Regular Suites $22.00 per cat

      VIP Suites $30.00 ($15.00 each additional cat)

Additional Fees:

     Special Meal Prep  $5.00


Check- out:  Check-out time is 1:00pm. Cats picked up after 1:00pm will be charged 1/2 day boarding.

Immunizations:  We require proof of immunization for Rabies and FVRCP.  We strongly recommend the FELV (feline leukemia virus) vaccine.

Cat suites

Spacious enclosures in a living room environment 

Cat luxury suite

2 of our guests enjoying the sun in the bay window of their luxury suite!

Cat vacinations
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